Bulletproof Coffee Diet

Bulletproof Diet

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love trying out new “diets” to better overall health, nutrition, mood, well being and all that good stuff.  Our bodies adapt easily to any diet so it’s always a good idea to switch it up and see what works for you!  The current “diet” I’m trying out is the Bulletproof diet.  Now I don’t like the term “diet, because people often assume a diet is starving yourself. On the contrary, a diet is simply any form of nutritional eating pattern…so technically we are all on a “diet”; some peoples diets consist of big macs and soda, and some consist of salads…

So, the current “diet” that has caught my attention is the Bulletproof diet.  For those of you who are not familiar with bulletproof, it’s essentially a branded diet created by tech investor and entrepreneur, Dave Asprey.  What interested me about the bulletproof diet besides the physical benefits of possibly having a six pack, was the idea that adhering to this diet could also increase your IQ, give you mental clarity and basically make you a rockstar in life…so obviously I was intrigued, cuz who doesn’t wanna be a rockstar?!

What is Bulletproof Diet

The bulletproof diet is a keto diet.  You’re probably wondering wtf is a keto diet.  I’m going to spare you the science of it all (mostly bc it’s way to sciency for me to explain) but in a nutshell being on a keto diet means being on a low carb, HIGH FAT diet.  When we eat foods that are high in carbs, our bodies create glucose which is then used for immediate energy.  On a keto diet, since it is low carbs, the body no longer will have that glucose source for energy and the body will then go into ketosis.  You’re probably wondering what does any of this have to do with weight loss… well the whole point of getting into ketosis is so you’re body will burn fat for energy and not your muscles.

So the bulletproof diet consists of drinking bulletproof coffee which is coffee, brain octane oil, and grass fed ghee (aka butter).  The idea of bulletproof coffee for breakfast is that unlike a typical breakfast (bagel, donut, granola, cereal etc) where energy is quickly burned and blood sugar levels crash, bulletproof coffee will help suppress hunger, give you lasting steady energy throughout the morning, and last but not least offer greater mental clarity.

My Opinions on Bulletproof diet

So it’s been a week since I’ve been on the diet; buying the coffee, drinking it for breakfast instead of eating a regular breakfast, and mainly eating the foods on the bulletproof grocery list.

The Positives from Bulletproof Coffee

What’s my verdict?  I’ll start with the positives.  I did feel an increased energy level, more so than from my usual cup of joe.  I also noticed that I was more focused within 30 minutes of drinking the coffee, and had more “mental clarity”.  However the mental clarity and increased energy levels did not last the whole day, perhaps just an hour or so within drinking the coffee.  My hunger level in the morning was also suppressed, but unclear whether from the product itself or simply from being a little queasy from drinking the butter coffee…

The Negatives from Bulletproof Coffee

The main thing that I would say has been a negative is the uneasy/queasy feeling I get from drinking the coffee.  I dug a little deeper and it seems to be a common side effect for most, because of the ghee and the MCT oil (concentrated coconut oil).  I don’t think my body was used to such high fats esp so early in the morning so my stomach didn’t feel the best when drinking it, however now that it’s been 7 days, I think my stomach is getting more and more used to it.  Other than that, I don’t have any other negatives about Bulletproof coffee

Final Verdict

So my final verdict is that it is definitely worth a shot if you are looking to try out a new diet.  I say start easy, you can buy the premade Bulletproof coffee at your local Whole Foods.  If you are like me and are not used to the butter and the oils, I would recommend eating some bullet proof approved foods (i.e. eggs) with the coffee in the morning, and make sure you are also drinking enough water.  The boosted energy levels and mental clarity I experienced from drinking the coffee is enough reason for me to continue trying it out!!  Many people also raved about how it’s helpful for weight loss, so if that is a goal of yours I would consider the bulletproof diet as well!

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