Denim Crazed

Denim Obsessed

If I had to pinpoint my favorite fashion trend that I’ve adopted, it would be denim.  Just two years ago, the last thing that you would catch me wearing is denim.  I think I had one pair of denim jeans from over 5 yrs ago, that I maybe wore once within those 5 yrs 😛  So when denim came back in trend I was skeptical and held off for awhile.  Now I can’t get enough of denim, denim jeans, denim jackets, denim shirts…you get the drift 😉

Finding the Perfect Denim For You

The secret to pulling denim off is finding the perfect fit.  I would recommend NOT ordering denim online if you are unfamiliar with your fit.  Some brands run small, some run large, so it’s best to go into the store and try them on!!

For my look below, I paired a denim shirt with acid washed mom jeans, and a camo denim jacket with patches.  Don’t be afraid to wear denim with denim (Canadian suit :P).

Shop the Look:

denim outfitdenim outfitdenim outfitdenim outfit

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