2018 Resolutions

Cheers to 2018!

So it seems 2018 is here….where did 2017 go? I feel as if time flies by too quickly and nothing’s changed, but when I take the time to reflect on myself a year ago, I realize how much was done and experienced that year and it gets me PUMPED about all the great things to come in the new year.  

I encourage you to reflect back on 2017, what were some key moments?  Write down what made you happy, sad, proud, embarrassed, etc.  Now take that list and RIP IT UP, cuz its 2018 and we have new things to tackle, new memories to make and new mistakes to learn from.

With all that being said, here’s 5 of my many 2018 aspirations/goals/mantras/things I may try and fail at:

Letting go of fear

  •   This one’s the big one, for me at least, and is most likely a life long goal.  Think back on all of the moments when you wanted to say something/do something, but you were scared or the voice inside your head told you “THAT’S THE DUMBEST IDEA EVER YOU DAMN FOOL”.  But if you are compelled to do something, then have the courage to do so (as long as you’re not doing something bad (and if you’re asking yourself if what you want to do is bad, then most likely yes it’s bad)) Remember EVERYTHING YOU HAVE EVER WANTED, IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF FEAR

Being honest with yourself

  • This is another big one. Promise my next list will be fun and light hearted like “get a summer bod, do squats, drink more kombucha”.  We all lie to ourselves, as a way to protect ourselves.  I know we all know coming to terms with ourselves isn’t the most pleasant, after all we’re all human and there’s gonna be things we don’t like about ourselves.  But when you’re honest with yourself, you’re free, you’re fearless, and you’re less susceptible to letting other people’s negative opinions bother you (cuz you already thought about them and dealt with them #dropsmic)


  • Reference goal #2, I’ve come to realize that patience is not a virtue that I possess.  And I’ve recently come to realize just why everyone makes such a big deal about being patient…cuz it’s actually pretty damn important.  I get it, we live in an immediate satisfaction society, but when you’re too hot headed and impatient, you may end missing a great opportunity bc things didn’t happen on your “timeline”.  Like ppl always say SUCCESS DOESN’T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT.


  • This kinda ties in with number 3.  Success doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it come to those who don’t put in the work, day in, day out.  But this also applies to everything in life, relationships, friendships, gym goals, health goals, etc. 

Letting go of crazy expectations

  • Expectation is like a double edged sword.  They’re good to have bc they often motivate you to do xyz.  However when things don’t go the way we expected, there’s a tendency to be super dramatic about it “THIS IS LIKE THE WORST, I’M NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN”.  So let go, and be happy 😀

So that’s my list… was fun to think about all of this and write it down.  Hopefully you found something positive from reading it, CHEERS

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