Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Mexico really took me by surprise in the most positive ways.  I had expected it to be beautiful and to have wonderful white sand beaches but I was simply blown away by the whole experience.  Most people traveling to Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum opt to stay in a resort.  There are many top resorts in Mexico so the options are plentiful.  Depending on whether you are traveling with your significant other, your family or with a group of friends, there are resorts that cater to each category! I stayed at the Grand Riviera Princess resort. What I loved most about the experience was how friendly the staff was and how well maintained the resort was…and the unlimited cocktails 😛

grand riviera princess resort

playa del carmen beach

playa del carmen beach resort

Things to do in Playa del Carmen

If you’re tired of staying in the resort (which I’m sure you will be), downtown Playa del Carmen is worth checking out both day and night.  During the day, Playa del Carmen is great for strolling and shopping.  They’re known for their leather and silver jewelry, be sure to bring on your haggling game!!

If you’re staying later into the evening, Playa del Carmen has a bumpin night life.  If you’re looking to party and get turnt, some top Playa del Carmen clubs are Coco Bongo, Palazzo, and Abolengo.  Put on your dancin’ shoes!!


One of my favorite excursions during my stay in Playa del Carmen was day trip to Tulum, which is only an hour away.  Most of the locals take the bus, also known as the “collectivo”, but many tourists also use it!  It’s totally safe, just make sure you know which stop you’re getting off of–if in doubt, always ask!!

Things to Do in Tulum

tulum cenote

There are plenty of things to do in Tulum.  My favorite part of Tulum was seeing the Tulum ruins, snorkeling with sea turtles and checking out the cenotes.  The ruins are a must see – especially if you like history and learning about other cultures.

Tulum is also great if you are with children/family/significant other and you just want to relax on the white sand beaches.  

If you’re into nature, like I am, be sure to check out one of the cenotes.  Cenotes are basically clearwater sinkhole (I know, doesn’t sound too appealing, but trust me definitely worth checking out).  If you’re ballsy, adventurous and outdoorsy (like myself :P) canon balling, scuba diving and general shenanigans are a must (depending on which cenote you go to) isla mujeres beach

Isla Mujeres

Last but not least, Isla Mujeres…. idk where to begin!! ABSOLUTE MUST!!! We opted to do a day excursion (way early 6 am) catamaran trip + snorkeling.  I would 100% recommend the catamaran trip in Isla Mujeres.  Most resorts will help you book an excursion or you can book with expedia.

isla mujeres beach

The island itself is small and can be explored by foot, by bike, by golf cart.  I’d recommend renting a golf cart, takes about an hour to go around the entire Island.  I don’t recommend walking or bicycling, unless your a fitness freak and enjoy that kind of thing, in which case go for it!!




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